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Access to Justice Fund

The goal of the Access to Justice Development Campaign is to raise funds to improve access to justice for low-income people with civil legal needs in Michigan.

Access to Justice gifts are received and managed according to the Access to Justice Fund Guidelines. If not designated, gifts will be placed in the endowment fund, without tax credit, for needs throughout the state. If any designated program ceases to exist as a non-profit entity, or if certain minimum endowment balance requirements are not met, all funds so designated shall be allocated to the appropriate Access to Justice Fund.

Contribute to the ATJ Campaign

Contribute online with a credit card

Print and fax pledge form to (517) 371-3325 or send it along with credit card information or a check for payment to Access to Justice Fund, 306 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933.

About the ATJ Campaign

Access to Justice Fund Guidelines PDF